Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites!

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1. My World....Appreciate more and more quality time and watching my husband who is the best Daddy ever 

2. My new healthy lifestyle...constant motion...daily power walks to the country club and weekly workout sessions with Alice...and then nightly cheer practices that keep me on my feet and are responsible for me losing 10 pounds in a couple of weeks...oh yeah and hitting 10,000 steps/day consistently...For The Win!

while spicing up my water with mint and lemon to freshen it up!

3. Cheering!!  Always loved it in high school and now I get to see it from a different point of view as I am helping my daughter's D8 team which is part of our town's AYF league....the UCA Camp was awesome last weekend and I love spending time with the girls...they keep me on my toes (literally) and are so fun to be around

topped the weekend off with a fun lunch (with cocktails) with some of our friends/cheer pals at British Beer Company
These crazy kids!

4. Summer recipes...I made these Rolo Ritz bars that I found on Pinterest for some parties a few weeks back and I think my friend Beth Ann coined it just right, they are like "crack." ha ha!!
Check out the recipe HERE

and my homemade "made up" tortellini antipasto salad

5. Swimming....this truly has been the summer when Diana lost her fear and we couldn't be happier!  She is lucky to have the opportunities she has had with so many friends inviting her over to swim....and our pool club....and vacation....and swim lessons of course....she is swimming without a bubble now and even jumping into the deep end of parents have been enjoying the invites to our friends pools as grateful and hope to have our own one of these days.  Rob and I both grew up with pools and agree that it is one of the best investments and we really lived in them EVERY summer!

6. Lilly...always....and I have to put Ebay in savior for allowing me to be able to afford the Lilly's I have purchased....the designs keep getting more and more are a few of my latest faves...

for Newport... and fun fall events

don't know what for yet.....

For the rest of summer...Boston...Labor Day Weekend and more!

and because Janie and I have the "Lilly" connection, we continue to surprise each other with Lilly trinkets.....she just got me this gorgeous cup! (and check out the gift bag- just as pretty!)

7. Fore!  I started taking golf lessons with three of my friends...great exercise and learning how to play is so much fun...can't wait to get out on the greens!

8. Love our garden and we are finally producing vegetables again after a couple of rough years....we are growing tomatoes, zucchini, cukes and much fun!  I also grow herbs on the deck and the basil and mint grew wild this year- LOVE it!

9. Team Will...LOVE them!  So so grateful

10. This backsplash...we are finally trying to get this next project backsplash...and I am digging the white...especially with our grey counters and cream floor

Happy Friday Everyone!  I LOVE Fridays...they truly are my favorite day...the anticipation of the weekend....the feeling of accomplishment for the week before....pure bliss...and Happy Anniversary to my wonderful hubby...11 years and goin' strong!


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