Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diana's 1st Day of Kindergarten! did we do?

She was SO EXCITED when she woke up...she actually woke up early and was squeeling!

She came down and had raisin bran for breakfast and then chilled out for a while watching her "shows"

Then we annoyed her by taking our obligatory photos outside...

After pix, she entertained us at the bottom of the driveway doing dances and cheers and singing songs
The bus was VERY late...I am sure that is typical for the first day....

Anyway...when the bus finally pulled up, she froze....I think she was thinking what I was...this is a big....bus...and the stairs are bigger than me!

I knew it was going to kill me anyway but when she got nervous my heart broke

We were so proud that she kept climbing though...determined to get on that bus!

and then the real goodbye....I was so worried for her...but I found out from a neighbor that her daughter sat with Diana and she put my mind at ease :)

When I picked her up, she said her FAVORITE part was the fact that she did not have to take a nap..she said she really is a big girl now!

I love you Monkey!


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