Monday, December 27, 2010

Stepmom Update

So on this snow day, while taking a coffee break, I Googled "Inspiring Stepmom Stories". You don't even want to know what I came up with! The first five stories were miserable, negative ones talking about how miserable and negative they were as stepmoms!

Sometimes I like to read about another blended family who has made it work. Surely there must be more out there right?

Well stepmom/stepfamily resources are still lacking out there! I haven't really looked in a little while however, our family dynamic may be changing soon due to the breakup of the kids' mom and her long-time boyfriend, who they have lived with part- time for the last four years.

Our (my husband and my) goal is to make sure the kids feel the same stability and strength that they have for the last several years. This will just be another chapter in the book I am writing.

Until that book, we keep searching for more help, more wisdom and more courage to go on as a stepmom.

Some of the few positive resources you will find out there will come in the form of a blog like this.

Here is a cute one I wanted to share with you:

The Reason Behind the “Rock”

As a Step Mom, new or otherwise, the word "Rock" takes on a myriad of meanings.
You essentially at times....
ROCK the boat
ROCK their world
Need to BE the ROCK
Perform like a ROCK Star
Balance life while on the ROCKS...and it's joyful counterpart...
Have drinks On The ROCKS!
Step Mom Hood can be a blessing or a curse, it's really all about how you choose to react to the things that get flung your way.
Making the choice to Rock It Out on a regular basis is in essence making the choice for a greater sense of self, respect and at the end of the day, the thing that everyone strives for...HAPPINESS!!!
Rock On Awesome Step Mom, Rock ON !!


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