Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things- #8


I am still convinced, however, that my mother founded this Christmas time treasure. It seems to be at every corner nowadays but I remember being a toddler and my beautiful pink gingerbread girl stocking she had for me. (I found a picture that reminded me of it..I am posting it here so I have it forever) I would love when it was time to put it was so Christmasy and so girly!

Over the years, my mom always decorated with gingerbread boys and girls...that was her holiday trademark. She also makes delicious gingerbread cookies each year. Zack has actually become a huge gingerbread fan over the last few years and he and my mom have inspired me to now make it (which I do for him occasionally)

Now...we can enjoy it other ways too...a spicy gingerbread martini with a cookie crumb...warm gingerbread pancakes with a dollop of whip cream and Panera Bread even makes a gingerbread bagel this time of year...delish!

Join in the warmth of gingerbread...get on the train peeps :)


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