Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Gingerbread Construction Company Review

There I was...coming out of mass on a dark and cold Monday morning and in desperate need of a good cup of java to get my day started. I was heading into the office and on my way, I always pass The Gingerbread Construction Company in Winchester. I thought to myself, "instead of stopping at McD's or Dunks for my coffee, I will bop in here and see if they have some."

Well they not only have coffee but they have different flavors and I ordered Gingerbread coffee of course. It did not disappoint but it pales in comparison to what I consider to be one of the most delectable, mouth watering, perfect confections I have ever sunk my teeth into- the gingerbread muffin.

Gingerbread is their specialty...yes...however muffins are a big piece of their business and I could not even count all of the flavors they carefully concoct..strawberry shortcake...boston cream...banana cream...carrot...and tons of others.

The gingerbread muffin though? Again- pure perfection. It had just the right amount of spice....crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside and then filled with this sweet and buttery cream cheese icing...I can't even think about it. It was a pure weak moment but one I am not regretting and so glad I did it before Christmas when gingerbread is at its "peak."

This experience was so satisfying, I thought, I need to go back for more and make sure Zack tries it- I know he will freak.

Though the cashier could have been friendlier (didn't even say hello...just wanted to rush me out), I decided to return so my guys could taste this bakery masterpiece.

I went back a few days later and brought home a half dozen muffins (two strawberry shortcake ones for Rob because he loves those and misses them as his former co-worker would often bring them to the office and the rest gingerbread) Side note: The same rude cashier was there but this time, some of the staff was even complaining about her so I shared a laugh with them and ordered some more muffins- she wasn't going to spoil our fun!

Diana scoffed a whole one down! When Zack returned from his mom's house, I presented him this delicacy as if it were a white truffle from Northern Italy and he was just as impressed. I think it took him less than three minutes to down the muffin.

Friends, you don't know what you are missing. Visit The Gingerbread Construction Company either in Winchester or Wakefield MA. In addition to muffins, they also make gingerbread cookies, loaves and cookies. Visit them online at www.gingerbreadusa.com

Enjoy my pix of the gingerbread muffin masterpiece- I have never tasted anything like it...it tastes like powder sugar sprinkled Christmas :) DELISH!


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