Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things- #20

Our Nativity Set

Rob surprised me with this beautiful set two years ago. There was the cutest little shop, near his office, called The Blue Tulip. Unfortunately during the downturn, The Blue Tulip did not make it and closed its doors.

It was the cutest gift shop with such creative stationary, wine glasses and other treasures including this beautiful nativity set that I had my eye on.

I didn't even think Rob had noticed when I was staring at it one day. I was obsessed with the crystals on the roof of the manger...crystals made to look like snow.

He didn't forget it and surprised me. This is the center of our Christmas season every year.

Even Diana is starting to pay attention and she looks to see if Baby Jesus "is taking his nap"


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