Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things- #12

Whether we brought a meal to a shelter....sat down with some folks who were running a local shelter....or brought homemade cookies to friends....we felt good giving back. This is my favorite part of the holiday season.

We wanted to instill some values in the them how lucky they are and that it was not all about their wish lists and presents. A few years back, it was a true eye opener to sit in a shelter with the director and a few unwed mothers who had been on the street.

We are also lucky to be part of a parish that coordinates programs that give back and we look forward to serving meals in a local soup kitchen over the next year.

We have also participated in the giving tree each year...this year, the family we are adopting is looking for a grocery store gift card...just looking at the tree, Rob and I spotted that one and both got choked up immediately. Just as things were getting really tough for us, we got another sign that showed us how lucky we really are and how much we can still help another family in need.


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