Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things- #4

J Crew....not just for the holidays...yes all year long BUT J Crew always provides one or two "must have" holiday items...they add just a little sparkle or a shimmer..just enough for me to say I must have it!

Last year I scored a top that I had been eyeing from the 08 Christmas collection. Yes I had to wait a year and even lost several bids until I was finally the Ebay winner but I did it and I loved loved loved it! I ended up wearing it to Bill's Christmas party with a cardigan but it is seriously so pretty, you can wear it plain with jeans. It is a peachy metallic layered sheath top...pure perfection..something Jackie Kennedy would have worn and probably something Michelle Obama has in her closet.

This year, I scored one of their new holiday tees in their factory store- a black tee with a silver sequined reindeer on it...I am going to pair it with a J Crew silver metallic scarf, black skirt and black boots for our upcoming company holiday party. Yes! We are having our first holiday party in three is very exciting because it means we are moving things in the right direction and our owner wants to celebrate- woohoo!

J Crew can be pricey...well no...heck it IS pricey...but you can find a piece here and there that can add so much to an outfit...hit them up during sales...hit up their factory stores (now you can even shop the factory online- weekends only!) or go to my trusted friend Ebay!! As you know, I never buy anything full price anymore. The tough times forced me to get creative and frugal and honestly- you can still look like a million bucks!


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