Friday, December 24, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things- #28

The Nutcracker! Not just any one either- only the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker!

This was one of the highlights of my life...I auditioned and performed in this production for four years- 3rd through 7th grades.

It was a big part of our family's holiday tradition and my parents carted me into the Boston Ballet daily for not only auditions but for months of rehearsals.

It was so magical. I will never forget it. I remember lots of the times hanging out with friends backstage...killing time by playing hand over hand of Uno. Then for lunch, we would walk up to Wendy's (while in makeup). People would not only stare...(I remember one guy in particular, pulling up the blinds of his jewelry store and staring at us like we were maniacs!) People always asked us for autographs and we would sign their playbills. It was so much fun!

Nothing will ever feel like those butterflies! The first year I was a doll in the battle scene. We would stand in a line (four of us) and wait for Drauselmeyer to pull his magic rope to get us on stage...we would walk out and pose and Clara would play with us and then the evil mice would come and snatch us up off state!

The next three years, I was a soldier in the battle scene. As the Christmas tree was growing, we would wait, in a group, behind this screne. Drauselmeyer would magically raise the screen and we were revealed to the audience. There is nothing like that feeling. We would then do a dance and a battle with the fun.

Thank you to my parents for letting me audition and supporting this dream. A big thank you for sitting in traffic every night on 93 to get me into Clarendon St or the Wang or The Hynes...nothing will ever grateful for this opportunity.


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