Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010


Making Zeppoles in the morning like Nani did

Diana opened one of her gifts from Auntie Cass (a computer and she loved it!)

Visiting our loved ones in their resting places (even took a picture- Rob thought I was being ridiculous and some may say morbid but it was too beautiful of a moment to pass up)

a stop by to see Daddy's new office building! (so exciting)

Visiting Mimi and Papa

Enjoying mass at St. Pat's in Stoneham

The party at Auntie Peggy's- always great to catch up with my Dad's family and Diana had the crowd roaring- she had so much fun with Duncan and Gabe and the kids- she even looked online to track Santa! She ended up the night but swearing for everyone- horrific moment for Momma but everyone else thought it was hysterical! (and the 7 fishes this year were: scallops, shrimp, clams, monk fish, lobster, crab and salmon plus all of the fishes that Auntie Mary puts in her boullabaise!)

Another Christmas Eve to remember :)


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