Sunday, January 3, 2010

Skinny Jeans! I Found My True Religion

So I can't believe it has taken me so long to write about this but here it goes!

One of my girlfriends from town, Heather, encouraged me to do a "Skinny Jeans Challenge" with her. It was being held at one of of our local and boutique health clubs.

I was hesitant...I was not in shape and I thought I may make a fool of myself..I was also concerned that I would be weighed in front of everyone...eek!

Anyway, through Heather's encouragement and a great talk with the owner of the gym, I embarked on the 6 week challenge (and during the most challenging time of year, I may add)

For Six Sundays in a row, we weighed in and showed the owner our food journals. After weighing in, we would partake in a one hour workout. Now one of the rules was that we had to work out three times per week in addition to this Sunday morning workout. We also had to write down what we ate and drank every day in our journals...without lying!

We were fortunate because Kelly shared a different workout each week- I never thought I could ever do some of the things I successfully did here including Combat Class (kick boxing with real gloves and a real punching bag, body pump, step with weights, yoga, and circuit training)

Kelly, the owner, was a great resource to me...I went early to talk with her and get her advice...the advice was priceless.

So the contest ran from Thanksgiving to New Year's and though I did not win, I successfully lost 6 lbs! I lost one more if you count the few days leading up to the contest when I truly started watching what I ate. The best news? I fit into the True Religion Jeans that I bought last year that never fit me before! In the beginning of the contest, Kelly took our before pictures and my jeans were not zipped. When the contest ended today, my jeans fit and they zipped all the way. I will posting the before and after pix once Kelly gets them to me. (For now I am posting a picture of my jeans- not on me but a sample stock photo) I am excited!

This contest is exactly what I needed to jump start my healthy lifestyle and what better year than 2010? Another goal to check off my list- WOOHOOO!!

Cass- I did my research and it looks like the style I got is called Womens Becky Super T-Promise Land (and I did not pay full price of course....Ebay is, afterall, one of my best friends) ;)


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