Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gym Ken!

So the talk around Windham is that Gym Ken is the place to bring your child for gymnastics. There are some larger facilities in the areas which are better maintained (as far as equipment, etc) but for little kids, Gym Ken has the best reputation (per my mommy network)!

We ventured out on Saturday morning for a trial class of "Bouncing Babies" (ha ha!!) with Diana and boy was it interesting!

The instructor said that at this age, the babies can get overwhelmed. Well Diana did get a little overwhelmed at times but she really enjoyed jumping along and giggling like other babies.

Rob was her "parent companion" for the lesson and I snapped some pix from the parent perch (too far though- need our professional camera with the zoom lense next time)

Zack wants to go with Diana so we may let him accompany her this weekend...we shall see!

We considered it a success and a good thing for Diana...especially after she enjoyed the somersaults/front walk-overs with the instructor (Amber who was the sweetest thing!) So...we signed her up for the rest of the session!

Stay tuned for more pix and cute updates :)



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