Friday, January 29, 2010

continuing on the road to 344

81. I am told I have the best reputation in the industry for what I do...I take pride in that...doing the right thing for my candidates, clients and teammates....I work hard and treat people right and that is all I expect of myself...I am glad I am respected for this.

82. Much to the disbelief of some, I know what is said about comes out in one way or yes I know all of the negative things that have been said about me...and how the stories have been twisted over the years...In the past, I would've crumbled but after the things I have faced, now I just laugh, look at the source and know it is par for the course...I am also providing my friends and family with lots of entertainment....I think you can read between the lines here and get what I am saying... ha haa karma!

83. I am emotional, needy and a born is in my blood and my biggest fear is that Diana will pick these traits up...I really hope she displays more of Rob's disposition over the years (poor Child!)

84. When I was four wishes were to have long straight hair, a pink bedroom, eat peanut butter and jelly like the other kids and have an upstairs

85. There is nothing like ocean water


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