Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Night....South of the Border

Well...I may have mentioned the "Taco Night Debacle" in the Breton household in prior posts. Yes indeed, now that I think of it, I have described how Rachael Ray has helped me out of some cooking ruts....well....

My brother...the card that he is...decided to help us change it up a bit with his Christmas gift to us this year.

He and "Auntie Gina" got us the COOLEST quesadilla maker along with some fancy margarita glasses and a smashing bottle of my FAVORITE TEQUIlA....Patron of course!!!

So when they were coming over for dinner on Saturday night...my question to Auntie Gina was..."in all seriousness, do you guys like quesadillas?" Her response? "Matt was hoping that is what you would ask! (I mean c'mom quesadilla night as opposed to taco night will be a welcomed change here!)

So I went with the theme and we had a blast....I whipped up some grilled chicken, pepper and onion quesadillas, a fresh batch of "Yennaco Quac" with chips, Mexican rice and salad. I also made "Skinny Girl Margaritas" for Auntie Gina and Me. Rob had a Corona of course..Matt abstained...ha ha ha!!!

After dinner, we enjoyed some VERY competitive Wii golf and bowling and tennis...golf is my fave although I am much better at driving than putting on the game as opposed to the real course where I am better at putting.

Monk entertained us for awhile...dancing around...talking her gibberish and putting on Auntie Gina's sunglasses :)

I am so glad that Gina came into our lives....she and Matt even talked about their future wedding party...which got me so excited and of course, I started obsessing....but I will hold off on any further fixating on that wedding...all I know is I cannot wait!


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