Sunday, January 31, 2010

Restaurant Review- The Pasta Loft!

fruite de mare

One word? FANTASTIC! At the Pasta Loft in Hampstead NH, everything was FANTASTIC! From the outstanding service, to the delicious food, to the value and atmosphere- FANTASTIC!

Their specialty, of course is pasta, but another specialty is brick oven pizza and even mastering these two delicacies, they offer so many more delicious apps, entrees and desserts.

My hairdresser Sam, kept telling me to go here and now I see why. We were greeted immediately and had the most friendly and accommodating waitress.

She took our drink orders and gave us a basket of warm bread right out of the oven that came with a small bowl of roasted garlic and olive much as we knew we would regret it, we endulged (and Monk did too, sans the garlic of course!)

Walking in, I was set on getting pizza until we took a look at the menu.

They offered a Fruite de Mare for two for $35 and it sounded so delicious that we ordered it- the meal also included two garden salads. For Monk? We ordered a small margarita pizza (knowing full well we would each get to try a slice)

FANTASTIC doesn't even come close to describing this meal. Our waitress brings over this ENORMOUS platter to us. It was so packed with seafood, you could not even see the linguine underneath. The taste? Out of this world- the seafood included a full lobster that was stuffed, fresh scallops, shrimp, calamari, mussels and littlenecks all over a bed of linguine in a spicy red marinara. We were shocked and quickly delighted and to boot, we brought home at least two more servings!!

The pizza? FANTASTIC...even Monk agreed! The brick oven makes a difference but it wasn't only was a step up from Bertucci's- don't know how to explain it.

The wine? Now this is an important piece- humor me. My mom calls me a "wine snob" but something really bothers me. Don't you hate when you order a glass of red wine in a restaurant, whether it be a full bodied cab or a fruit shiraz and it comes to the table and it is bitter? stale? Well I do! I even got a bitter and stale glass of wine at a supposed "wine bar" right here in my hometown- ridiculous!

The wine at the Pasta Loft? FANTASTIC! I ordered a glass of the Smoking Loon Pinot Noir and it was so much so that I ordered a second. I even told the waitress how much I approved of it (she probably took one look at me, heard what I was saying and went to the kitchen giggling saying "what a lush!") ha ha!

Even though we went early, we have also heard great things about their entertainment. They have bands in the lounge area and in the summer, they open up the back deck! The music starts after 8pm. (way past Monk's bedtime and ours nowadays!)

We will be returning AND SOON...I have to get my parents there- they will LOVE IT!

Check them out in Hampstead or Milford. You won't regret it :)


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