Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Favorite Things About My Husband

the way he drinks his coffee in the morning...with thorough enjoyment...

his unconditional love

his passion for music and his incessant need on sharing all of music's trivial facts with those who will willingly or even unwillingly listen ;)

his particularity with grilled cheese

the way my daughter loves him

the father that he is...just the involved...always goes above and beyond and always the one his kids will always be able to count on because that is the person he is

the passions we share...musical politics...being good in sales...our catholic religion...our efforts in trying to do the right thing...cozying up on the couch

the way he still packs his kids' lunches

the way he clears the driveway to make sure we are all safe during the harsh winter months

his love of meatloaf

his imitation of Under Dog

His wheezy laugh when he really gets going

His voice

His killer blue eyes

His thick hair

His gentle touch

the peacemaker that he is

his hands

his smell

the pride he has at Oracle

the man he became over the last few years...


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