Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Diana at 16 and 1/2 months!

Dear Diana,

Well, not only are you are almost running nowadays! When you first started walking a few months ago, you had the cutest waddle!!! Now the waddle is almost already gone and you are picking up speed. It is so cute to see your different walks depending on the shoes you are wearing...your nikes help you almost jog! You pitter patter ever so daintily in your silver ballet flats...and you clunk along in your new black patent leather loafers...oh it is so fun to dress you!

Your eating habits are okay and sometimes frustrating...your favorite foods when you were eating baby food were the veggies especially all of the green ones! Now you are like most toddlers and really won't eat green veggies. We are lucky that you still devour sweet potatoes and squash. Daddy is also the master of the food processor and we have found a way to sneak greens in your diet. Daddy chops 'em up and we throw them in our pasta haven't seemed to catch on yet...thank goodness! Some of your other favorites are cream of wheat, multi-grain waffles, chicken nuggets, motts fruit and Daddy's magical grilled cheese of course...oh yeah, you are a true Breton LOVE pizza!

You are starting to talk more and more...most things we understand but other times, we really don't but it is so pleasant to hear you chirping away!! The words we DO understand include: Mama, Dada, Papa, Bambi, Ba (for Zack), Awy (you said it twice for Ally we think), ball, car, all done, hello, hi, how ah you (how are you), big ba (for big bird), elmo (of course!), and your favorite word NO!!!

You started to sing and at daycare, you participate in the morning song that goes "Hello...How are you....Hello...How are you...Turn to your Neighbor and Shake His Hand...." SO CUTE!

You love to pick up books and "read" we read "Pat the Bunny" together and you actually participated in the story and let Mama read you the entire book!

Your hair is getting so long and curly...shock and your eyes are still blue!!

You still love Elmo and a new friend is Abby Cadaby...Santa delivered both pals to you for Christmas :)

You continue to love spending time with all of your grandparents and you are the hit of Market Basket with Mimi and Papa every Thursday. They went without you last week and it caused an uproar in the store! Hysterical

In the fall, you participated in a photo shoot for Winchester Hospital and you made the cut! Your picture was in several publicity pieces for the hospital's Labor and Delivery Unit including all Massachusetts newspapers. We cut out your picture and the hospital was kind enough to send us a large 8x10 in color!

So you are already a "local celebrity" love your siblings and have a special bond with Ally as she takes such great care of you. You are even bonding with Bambi! We all love you so much and are enjoying you more and more as you are increasingly understanding everything around you. Thank you for the happiness you bring us. (I love you my baby bird)

Love, Mama


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