Saturday, January 30, 2010

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86. Diana was very ill during her entire first year....she suffered from acid reflux and either had an ear infection, cough, cold or stomach bug constantly....I was at the doctor's office either once or twice a week and I was so fearful that she would be a very sickly child for a long time (I also had the fear that we don't speak about and I know my parents shared the same fear)....she fought her way through every illness, however, and is getting healthier and healthier

87. I never knew that Diana's bowel movements would dictate the kind of day I was going to have...hysterical!

88. Saturday morning coffee and gossip with Cass is something I look forward to and cherish
(usually at the VB where we can also enjoy a peanut butter flax seed bar!)

89. On the same topic, Cass and I traded the VB for the beach one Saturday morning last Summer...we were planning on hitting Brown's/Markey's up at the beach, for lunch too...that is until we checked my phone for FB updates and could not resist Christian's post from the BWG...fresh crabcakes and blackberry mojitos on the beautiful deck...we were so there!! One of my favorite days ever...

90. Christmas Eve is in my top three favorite days all magical and a chance to remember our loved ones who have passed

91. I have played the following parts at UMASS Dartmouth: Nancy in Bye Bye Birdie, Baroness Livenbaum in Anastasia, Fraulein Schneider in Cabaret, Lt. Comdr Joanne Galloway in A Few Good Men, The Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, Liz Imbrie in The Philadelphia Story, Kate Mundy in Dancing at Lughnasa, Nancy in Oliver, Morgan Le Fey in Camelot and my favorite Adelaide in Guys and Dolls

92. I ran for Class Secretary my Freshman Year in High School (and lost) and ran for Class President my Senior Year in College (and lost) think I would give up politics such luck!

93. My husband loves my hair curly and begs me to keep it that way...I like pleasing him but that is one thing I fight him on...always wanted the straight hair I have now...and it is kind of cruel since I make him keep his go-tee...I just LOVE it and he wants to shave it- ugh!

94. One of my favorite parts of my childhood was going to my brother's baseball and soccer much fun cheering him on and watching my dad coach and of course getting gum and candy from the ice cream truck!

95. Speaking of childhood, my favorite part really was our birthdays and associated birthday mom really did it up and I guess that is where I get it...we would each get a "friend/kiddie party" and then we would have a "joint family party" as our birthdays are a day apart...each party had its own theme and always included a homemade cake (the train cake still goes down as the best one ever), a pinata (which my dad ended up hammering so the kids could finally get to the candy!) and then something out of this world like pony rides, or a clown, etc...just unreal (speaking of the train cake- for our family birthday party, right before I left for college, my mom made the cake for I made my whole family cry...another story for another blog post!

96. I miss sushi dates with Jenn Healey (I mean Wymar as she just got married in Saint Lucia!)...she always taught me what to order and of course the fish was accompanied by some devine gin and tonics AND the best gossip

97. Griffin Park is my salvation....Summer walks with Diana at 7am and Saturday afternoon games of catch...I love the sound of a distant lawn mower...and the sun I get there..I also trained for my 5 k there :)

98. I miss my best friend from high school...Dawn...she lives in NJ and I haven't even met her kids yet...her hubby however? One of my favorite people...his most famous quote? "Hey buddy, you gotta come over here...I am on the back deck and I gotta guy here who plays the guitar and makes a mean salsa" hilarious!

99. I still have trouble understanding why some people always expect you to host them/have them over and they never reciprocate...I mean my house is not THAT exciting and I ended up feeling taken advantage of (in fact one of my New Year's resolutions is to JUST SAY NO- or JUST STOP INVITING)...let's see how long that lasts

100. I stalk a few blogs and almost take it personally when there is "too much time" between posts...I hope I keep you, my readers, satisfied with the amount of posts!


Jenny Wren said...

Aww girl I finally read this!! I miss those dinners too- and all our adventures. I think of you often. You were there the 1st night of the rest of my life after all!

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