Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday (January 25, 2017)

Yeah!  It's the first What's Up for 2017!  This is always one of my favorite Link Ups and I just LOVE going back and reading these posts!
Linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer HERE

Let's get started!

What We're Eating This Week
Well.....Whole 30 continues...we are loving it.
This week is a crazy busy week for us so I am keeping it more simple in the kitchen.  Keeping our meals basic because I know I will not have much time to execute on complicated recipes.

Monday we had a Whole 30 Soup that I whipped up over the weekend- Creamy Chicken and Tomato Soup- check the recipe out HERE 

Tuesday was grilled salmon alongside salads and roasted broccoli

Tonight we are having lemon chicken with brussel sprouts and bacon.  It was such a hit over the weekend that I decided to whip up another batch- it is so easy and sooo yummy!
Check out the recipe HERE

Tomorrow night the fam is on their own, Mama has a night out with girlfriends!  Daddy has been doing such a great job and he now knows how to put together a clean meal.  He may even whip up breakfast for dinner!  We shall see!

Friday night we have decided to do takeout so that is TBD!

What I'm Reminiscing About
With Rob deciding to run for re-election on the school board, I have been thinking about the last campaign quite a bit.  The campaigning is my favorite part because of all of the wonderful people we get to meet in our little (well not so little anymore) town.
We have just started working on the campaign.  Stay tuned for the details.
 and check out his new website HERE

What I'm Loving on my new tee
Check it out HERE

and espadrilles....yes even in the Winter!
Like these HERE

and have you smelled Michael Kors new perfume?  My mom and girls and I did at the mall on Sunday.  I smelled it floating in the air as soon as I walked into the store...such a strategy ;)
We agreed we loved it...may just be a future purchase!
It is called can find it HERE

What We've Been Up To

We celebrated Christmas with our families

and New Year's Eve with our Friends

and we had fun at the very "First Friday" of 2017

and Mama enjoyed another fun Spruce Pond Game Night w/ the "SPBs"

We enjoyed the Wolverines End of the Season Celebration

and started doing a Kitchen Makeover!

Diana and Mama enjoyed celebrating Sam's 10th Birthday!

and Mama and Daddy enjoyed chillin' with friends for the Patriots Play Off Game

Eva has been busy at dance and gymnastics...or as she calls it "Nastics!"

and we are back on the campaign trail!

Mama had a successful skin cancer surgery...and loved the support from some of her besties

Mama was able to enjoy the "Team Will" 2017 Kick Off!

and we helped to put on a very successful parent info night to talk about the proposed school project!

Mama and Eva had an awesome play date with some new friends and are excited for more get togethers soon!

Later on we watched the Presidential Inauguration

Mike made us an awesome and compliant dinner on Friday night!!  

and we were entertained by Baby Haley and Mink "a.k.a Minkie" Batson ;)

and oh yeah him ;)

One to be framed

On Saturday, after coffee with Greer, Eva and Mama enjoyed Alexa's basketball game!

and we sent Zach back to college for the very last time-can't believe it!

 Another successful new Whole 30 dish happened on Saturday night!

Sunday morning it was snuggle time!

Mimi, Mama and the girls walked around the mall so Daddy and Papa Pete could continue the work in the kitchen!  All and all, we have been keeping busy this winter...just trying to fight those winter blues!

What I'm Dreading
Hubby travelling....that's all

What I'm Working On
All of my New Year's Resolutions

Daily devotions
Whole 30- down 10 so far

Making it happen

Feeling stronger and stronger about who I am and how to practice give and take

 What I'm Excited About

Diana's ECE Cheer Competitions!

What I'm Watching/Reading

Just enjoyed Younger for another season- have to wait for early summer for it to come back!

and with Younger ending, Teachers has started back up!  I love laughing!

This Is Us...because...of course...duh!

The Affair

American Housewife...because more laughs!


and looking forward to two of my shows returning this week....

Jane The Virgin

and Scandal

of course, I still have that guilty little pleasure of binge watching Dance Moms...oh and watching my hubby on the local school board meetings.
I look forward to a few of my favorites returning later this Spring/Early Summer: Vice Principals and Odd Mom Out!

I started a reading pact too!  I am going to strive to read one book a month.  It is challenging for me due to family, work, volunteering and my social life, however, it is another goal I have set for myself!

I tried to get into three different books after the holidays- all complete fails!  Then a friend from town recommended this book and friends? I finished it in less than 48 hours- I highly recommend!

Working on my book for February-stay tuned!

I also read my daily devotions here

What I'm Listening To...

Some recent faves...
We Don't Talk Anymore

Don't Wanna Know

and because I am an old soul and have something for the 50's...I watched "Beyond The Sea" this weekend- the story of Bobby Darin...and my favorite song of his is also "Beyond The Sea"....I just dream about being on a boat... on the the summer...with that song playing in the background...that is my idea of paradise
Kevin Spacey did a great job portraying him!

What I'm Wearing
It is New England...lots of comfy warm things like yoga pants...pj' down puffer coat...really uninspiring right now...but a couple of new tops include:

 The Lilly Pulitzer UPF 50+ Vero Tunic in Multi Exotic Garden (After Party Sale Find)
You can still find it at Lilly but it is full price again!

and thanks to The Fancy Ashley from this blogging community, I scored the gray ruffle tee at Nordy's.
The link again for this tee is HERE
I LOVE it...I have worn it three times in the last week already! (Give me ALL of the RUFFLES already!)

Oh yes and the sparkly sneaks?
Sketchers on Zappos HERE
What I'm Doing This Weekend

Well...I am looking forward to the NH Winter Wine Festival with friends on Thursday night and then I have a fun lunch/planning meeting on Friday
and then Mama and Daddy are headed into Boston for an overnight with friends on Saturday...really looking forward to it!  The girls are staying with Mimi and Papa for their own adventure!  Stay tuned for a separate post :)

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
The Soccer Casino Night, The School Deliberative Session in Town, All of the Campaigning for Rob and February Vacation.  We are headed back into the big city with the Batsons for a few days...should be a nice Winter pick-me-up!

What Else is New?

We are looking forward to getting Eva back on the ice over the next month too!

Bonus Question for the Month:
Who is my favorite Bachelor from all of the seasons?
Friends, quite honestly, I am not a Bachelor person.
Rob and I watched the very first season when we started dating.  After that, I watched the Trista and Ryan season off and on.  My boss, now, is such a great guy.  Well, he has the girls and I cracking up with his imitations.  His wife sucked him in so they watch it religiously.  Due to his dead on impressions, I started tuning in last season...again off and on.
I can't name a favorite bachelor but I will tell you that Chad was one for the books.  Hysterical!  What a character.  It was such a let down when he was finally gone from last season's Bachelorette- I really missed him and all of his yams and protein powder- ha ha!!!!  That is all I got :)

 Can't wait to see what you have been up to!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such an enjoyable post Holly! 2017 seems to be off to a great start for you and your family! You are inspiring! Thanks😃💕 Jen

A Gal Named Al said...

I love Odd Mom Out! I don't know anybody else who watches it - Jill is so great!

Anonymous said...

I love Odd Mom Out too. I can't wait for it to start back up. I trust my DVR to keep me up to date, when it starts.


Kristi Griedl said...

You are so busy girl! Love all your pictures :) Your girls are so cute (I say that too much!)! I'm glad everything went OK with your surgery and you're feeling good. Have fun in Boston this weekend (and the wine festival tomorrow!)!

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