Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Weekend....2016 into 2017!

Happy New Year Friends!

I don't know about you but as wonderful as our 2016 was, I am excited to get going with 2017!

I love the holidays with my family and friends- the aftermath stinks but I am ready to start anew!

I am striving to be a better version of myself this year- healthwise (lose 50 pounds), work wise (bill $500,000 and spirituality wise (remember to always turn to Jesus first, no matter what the issue).  I guess you could say that those are my three resolutions.

Today I start the Whole 30 lifestyle and I am very encouraged by this.  It is not a diet; it is truly a way of life and I believe one of the healthiest lifestyles to follow- one that won't make me feel deprived and one that will teach me the best way to eat.  Stay tuned as I will continuously share recipes and feedback with you!

Before we get to the New Year, however, I want to share our little weekend fun with you.


I let Diana have some friends over for a play date.  They ran around, watched Cheer Squad and played with Eva incessantly.  She had a blast so goal accomplished.

While she had a play date, Mama had one with Lea.  We had salads and watched Bridesmaids.

Okay!  What is your favorite part of that movie?
I have three
1. When Annie is trying to get Rhodes' attention and driving by him, committing all kinds of crimes- driving by topless, rapping, throwing beer cans- I die laughing every time!
2.  On the plane, after Helen drugs Annie, and she gets all loose and starts yelling..."I am ready to partaaayyyy"....hysterical!
3. Melissa McCarthy's performance- EVERY SCENE she is in...I die laughing

We enjoyed some laughs and then we realized, for the first time, that Annie is the only one not sitting in first class because she couldn't afford it...we felt bad for her...typical sensitive us ;)

Friday night, Rob had a gig so the girlies and I just crashed- I feel like I am catching up on sleep right now...and making up for lost sleep over the last several months!

Saturday- New Year's Eve
 We got all of our grocery shopping done and started our journey on the Whole 30 lifestyle.  It took two different stores- Whole Foods and our normal Market Basket.  Total time was probably four hours too- no joke!
Rob did Market Basket on his own and said it was like Black Friday!  The lines were out the door- insanity!

That night, we spent time with friends from town- I love house parties- especially on New Year's Eve- close to home- nothing is better!

First stop was Alison's for some fun games (and shameless selfies of course)!

and then we were excited to be invited to our new friends' Nicole and Sam's party...we met them through Lea and Mike- they are wonderful.

We enjoyed a relaxing time, the photo booth and many laughs!

Nicole made us these awesome glasses

Mama LOVED the photo booth ;)

Nicole had such awesome little touches

including a Polaroid camera!  Did you hear that they are making a comeback?

and Baby Haley, one of my faves, had to get in on the action and wouldn't go to sleep- just precious!

We ended the night by watching the ball drop together with the kiddos and being thankful, as always, for our blessings

 Sunday- New Year's Day

This day was spent enjoying mass....watching movies....and starting the Whole 30 cooking....

I made....
Loaded Taco Soup for Monday night's dinner
Check out the recipe  HERE

and Balsamic Sheet Pan Chicken with Rosemary, Apples, Bacon and Brussel Sprouts for Tuesday Night's Dinner
Check the recipe out HERE 

I also made a batch of Whole 30 mayo so we can use it in chicken salad this week and prepped our breakfasts of Monkey Salads.  Will share those recipes soon!

I felt like I accomplished alot yesterday while catching up on rest.  We are ready to rock 2017!

Happy New Year Friends!


A Gal Named Al said...

Those glasses your friend made are so cute! Love Bridesmaids so much- I think the engagement party scene at the country club with Helen and Annie trying to outdo each other is pretty hilarious. Best wishes on your goals- I took 2 weeks off of staying under my calorie limit on the My Fitness Pal app and am 2 days back into it. Not fun but worth it!

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