Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Talk! (Things That Drive Me Crazy Edition)

I am excited to partake in the very first "Tuesday Talk" Linkup with Erika and Ashley.

For the first edition, we are charged with talking about the things that drive us crazy- how fun!!!

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Here goes nothing!

Things that drive me crazy.....

Selfish people....or as my hubby likes to call them "Better Dealers!" They pretend they care and you are a priority but as soon as something more fun comes along....more exciting...they start manipulating and start getting themselves out of prior commitments or pretending that "you forgot what you said" or "don't you remember?  We talked about that!"  OMG- ugh!  That is definitely Numero Uno!  Ha ha!!!
Thank God, I don't let those folks bother me anymore...I spent too much time fretting and being disappointed...no longer worth my time!


 The Sun....there I said it!
I actually WORSHIP the sun but I am so annoyed that it is so bad for us.  I am paying the price for years in the sun...years in the tanning beds (I know eek) now....I have had to have so many pre-cancerous moles removed and this week, I had to have a cancerous mole removed.  I am in so much pain yet I don't want to stay out of the sun.  I have made a pact, however, to get better using sunscreen.  It is not worth my health.

Being late.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am either early or on time.  I guess being in the staffing industry for 20 years will do that to a gal.
When I talk to hiring managers and they tell me a candidate was even two minutes late for an interview, my back immediately goes up.  Be early.  If the job is between you and another candidate- the hiring manager will always choose the early bird.   Get with the program- stop procrastinating.
Pretty much!

There ya have it!  Can't wait to get some chuckles out of your posts this morning!



A Gal Named Al said...

Those are good ones- I think Facebook has ruined a lot of people too with the whole "maybe" option. Why is that even a thing?

Michelle K said...

I feel ya on the sun issues. Have you ever checked out the lands end spf shirts? Some of them are really cute and they offer good protection AND allow some sun time. I've also embraced faux tanning, hats, and umbrellas in the full sun hours on the beach. Trying...😀!!

Kristi Griedl said...

Love these - you and me both agree on number 1! Not worth the stress anymore when you're only an option for them! I totally feel the same way about the sun too - I spent many years in the tanning bed and getting some sun and I need to be a lot better about making sure I have sunscreen on always! :) Hope your recovery goes ok and you're feeling better soon!

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