Monday, January 9, 2017

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Finds!

So did you make out?
I have to say this was the best sale yet for me.  It is the best I have done.  I was only #7 logging into the site!  7, can you believe it?

I am usually in the thousands and have to wait an hour.

The site had its challenges as always.  With that much traffic, I think the company does a pretty good job of giving everyone a chance.  I love the virtual waiting room concept.  

This time I made my first purchase and then got back in line and that is when the site went down for a bit but honestly, I still did great with three separate purchases, items I wanted and gifts for my mom's birthday!

I cannot complain- when we are getting these kind of sales prices on my beloved Lilly- it's FTW! first, I snagged two tops and two dresses...but then decided to buy more...can you blame me with 75% off? ;)
I can't show you what I snagged my mom for obvious reasons...but I will show you what I snagged myself :)

Also, let's enjoy the names because face it- that's half the fun! :)

First up the Arya Lace Tank Top in Resort White Bubbly.  I can see myself wearing this with jeans or capris or when it gets more warm, Lilly shorts or a skort :)  I LOVE white, don't you?

and because I LOVE white, this top screamed to me!  I would love to wear it to the beach on vacation this summer.
This is the Audra Top in Resort romantic right?

So this top is more casual and one I see wearing around town, doing errands or even going to the beach for a coverup.  It is made up of her Luxletic material which is ideal for loungewear and athletic wear.
It is the UPF 50+ Vero Tunic in Multi Exotic Garden

 and this one I know I will wear thousands of times!
It is the Michele V Neck top in Sparkling Blue Fan-tastic- oh this name!!!

and now for the dresses.....

First up, The Irina Shift Dress in Guava Melon Exotic Stripe...Friends, I can't even tell you how long I have been eyeing this dress....I wanted it so much...can't believe I snagged it!

and my favorite dress that Lilly comfy...always so pretty...she comes out with new prints of this dress every season...I had to snag one!
It is the Marlowe Tee Shirt Dress.
This one is in Kir Royale Pink Swept By The Tides

and last but not least, a dress I can wear to either the showers or weddings I have this year....
The Sloane Midi Dress in Bomber Blue Plume Bloom

I can't wait to see your After Party Sale Finds!!


A Gal Named Al said...

Love your picks! All so pretty!

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