Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Steal and Splurge Edition!

So!  It is the first Show and Tell of 2017!
Wahoo!  As always, linking up with Andrea HERE

This month, she charged us with telling you about the ways our family saves/steals and where we like to splurge- how fun!

Okay, first up, 

The ways we save!

Eating Out
 We used to go out once a week to eat- you know the nights you don't feel like cooking- or the desire just to get out and socialize.  Obviously those nights are more challenging with kids anyway but what we realized was how much we could save by eating in most, if not all, nights.  When we go out now, it is mostly during a special occasion with the kids like during school vacation weeks or celebrating a birthday.  When Rob and I eat out, it is usually for an occasional date night, courtesy of a gift card from our family or friends.

Grocery Shopping

In these parts (New England), our choices are Shaw's, Hannafords and Market Basket/DeMoulas.
The easiest way to save money is to shop at Market Basket on a weekly basis.
 We will also buy generic brands of several household items and that helps to keep the bill down too.
We have compared a weekly shopping at Market Basket to one at Shaw's and it is literally 1/2 the cost.

There is also Whole Foods and Trader Joe's but both are 20 minutes away and those are not weekly stops for us.  We tend to visit either one of these destinations once every 2-3 months so that is another way to save.


When we decide to take a trip, you can bet that we have planned for some time.  I am a planner.  We also have to be conscious of cost so you won't typically see us going away for a week or two at a time.  We like doing long weekends or three nights/four days and sometimes even four nights/five days.  Most of our travel is throughout New England, however, we have traveled as a family to The Bahamas and Disney.  


So, we all know oil is expensive.  We have oil heat.  Instead of having our tank filled, we have 100 gallons delivered at a time.  This way, we spread out our heating bill and we become more conscious of our usage- i.e. we turn the heat on the first floor off when we go up to bed at night.  When we get up in the morning, the heat goes down on the 2nd floor, just as we are starting our day!


Yep!  This one is Mama's favorite.  I love clothes- I take after my mom.  You know I also love Lilly.  Years ago, I learned the trade of having "shopping patience."  If I like something on line or in a store and it is pricey, I wait...and watch on Ebay...and wait some more.  Once I find the item, it is usually a fraction of the cost of its original retail price.  That is the way I am able to shop.  I now do the same for my girls, hubby and household items too.  It really helps to control the costs!

and next up,

The ways we Splurge


Yes, many times I score items on Ebay.  In fact, most of my Lilly are from Ebay purchases BUT if ever I splurge, this is where I do.
I have loved Lilly since I was a little girl and the more I talked about her and her designs and started wearing more and more, the more friends started wearing Lilly...my mom did...it is now an epidemic...
it cracks me up.

My dear friend Janie actually calls me Lilly.  She made it my nickname and then it just stuck so now when she calls me or sees me in person, she always says, "Hi Lil!" or "Hi Lillllllyyyy!" Love it!
Her clothes make me happy- I get excited every time she debuts a new print.  So, when I am feeling the urge to make a Lilly purchase, I will sell an item or two on Ebay to help cover the cost. This, however, is a definite splurge! :)

Going Out With Friends

Whether it is Mama out for a girls night, or a couples night out or even a family night out with kids and friends and their kids, we have a very busy social calendar.  I love people and it has finally rubbed off on my hubby. I rather be with people than be home alone and bored. 
We usually attend many of our town events whether they are fundraisers, sporting events, charity events and dances.  It is always fun to get dressed up and go out to catch up with friends from town.
During the holidays, we attend events weekly with our family and friends.
I know some call it splurging but we call it making memories! 


We send Diana to a private cheer gym over the winter and yes, it is pricey.  When your child finds a sport and their true calling, it is easy to do.  We look at it as an awesome investment but it is a definite splurge.  Not only do we pay tuition but we pay for private instruction, uniforms, choreography and competition fees.  It all adds up.  We know it is a great sport and she is learning so much and as long as she stays happy, pumped up and driven, we will continue to make this investment and SPLURGE! 

That should do it!  What do you think?
Can't wait to read all about the areas you save- hoping for some more ideas!


Leslie said...

I'm the same way with vacations! I will plan it out so perfectly where we know exactly what we're spending and where. It really does save so much money when you're not scrambling and finding places last minute! :)

A Gal Named Al said...

I agree about spending a little more on what the kids are passionate about. We've gotten pretty good about staying in for meals- the only thing we're really bad about is weekend lunches- gotta work on that!

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