Wednesday, January 4, 2017

10 Things That Make Me Happy....

Erika inspired me to make this one twisted my you may know, I LOVE lists!!!! the dark cold winter here in New England, it is always nice to think about the things that bring you joy...they can brighten your spirits and make you focus on all of the good so here goes nothing!

 My big guy and the daily direction he provides


My love...My soulmate

My angels...these ages...pure bliss

Spending time with my fam...warms my heart

My in-laws and step kids and being blessed with this extended family...truly changed my life for the better

My girlfriends....they feed my soul

The beach...the ocean...nothing else brings me more peace

Golf...well trying to golf...inspired to keep working harder....and golfing with this crew makes me so happy!


Family vacations make me really happy too!
I love when you find friends who are like family and going away with them is SO easy!  We experienced that this summer with the Grahams- you may not think you can relax with 7 kids running around but you would be surprised....seeing my kids so happy relaxes my core :)

and I know I have said it a thousand times...especially here on my blog but Friday nights at home with a romantic and sushi....that's my me doesn't happen often but it brings me pure happiness!
 So...what makes YOU happy?
Would love to see your lists if you feel inspired too!


kimm atwood said...

Just found your blog through Erika! Love your list

A Gal Named Al said...

YES to the beach! My health and mind are always in their best states when I'm sitting with my feet in the ocean. Wish it wasn't so darn expensive to live there!

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