Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekly Gratitude

This week,  I am grateful for....

Being able to sit in my beautiful yard and read...with an ice coffee...looking around, I felt so blessed...beyond words

My HR network and being able to reconnect with so many after a few years away- and more specifically having the opportunity to speak at HRDG this week- I felt so welcomed and so excited talking about what I do for a living- blessed that I love what I do

Having the opportunity to attend a training with UCA coaches for the upcoming cheer season- I was like a kid in a candy store and so grateful I can be part of this exciting sport and be able to spend more time with my little girl

and my friend Lea- I would say she is a new friend but really she isn't- we have just become closer in the last year- grateful God brought us together- it is amazing how he does that- he just knows when you need something in your life- when you're sad and have a little hole in your heart, he can come in and  patch it right up!  Our husbands have commented on how alike we are and we laugh- we think that is GOOD ;)


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