Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Trip to the Beach This Summer!

Saturday, after my run, we packed up and I would say headed straight to the beach but we had a little detour first.

We all went to my dermatology appointment-  fun fun!

I had another mole and this time it was on the back of my head so I wanted my wonderful dermatologist to look at it.  He ended up taking it off and will biopsy it.
I just kept thinking about the ocean and the beach time with my little family to get me through.

After the appointment, we hit some major traffic and I wasn't feeling well at all.
I fought through it though because as you all know, once you promise something to the kiddos, they hold you to it!

Once at the beach, smelling the ocean air and getting my toes in the sand, I felt much better and truly felt that I was back home....where I belong.

There is  nothing like the NH seacoast.  It is beautiful and always has the biggest waves-
We took it all in- the kids had a ball and we started to decompress and celebrate the beginning of summer!

We snapped a few pics of course too!


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