Monday, June 13, 2016

Diana's 2nd Grade Graduation Ceremony

Well...just like that...she is graduating from Goldenbrook School.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we attended the Teddy Bear Picnic as she prepared to go into Kindergarten?


and today, she has fought to become better at math.
She worked for it and truly used GRIT.
She has learned to think before shouting out- to be compassionate- to be a good friend
and to truly LOVE SCHOOL

We give all of this credit to her wonderful teacher Mrs. Martin
We can't even think about not being with her next year- it has caused much sadness around here...

Anyway, we snapped a few pics on Friday morning, before Diana got on the bus

and we brought Mr. V, our Bus Driver, a gift.
He calls Eva his "girlfriend." She loves saying Hi to him.
He also told me that "Diana is going to be our next female president."
We were laughing because very recently the guidance counselor at school as well as the principal said she will be running her own company someday.  From their lips to God's ears!

When we got to Goldenbrook, we gave out our teacher and administrator gifts and then headed down to Diana's classroom for a beautiful ceremony.  As soon as I saw the kids lined up outside in graduation caps, I got choked up.  I didn't full out cry though because Diana told me I was not allowed to- too funny!

Mrs. Martin started with a speech and when she started crying, I got even more choked up- I felt like I was being set up - geesh!

and then it was time for the graduates to come in- one by one they received their diplomas
She did it!

A few candids

and Diana got the award for "Most Bubbly"
I guess we will take that

and these cuties read their class book to us and did a big parent thank you and then the ceremony was wrapped up with a tear jerker of a slide presentation to music- not a dry eye in the room AND we got to take a copy home

Mrs. Martin is one in a million- so grateful that our family was blessed with her this year


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