Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday (What's In My Bag)

Linking Up with Andrea for another Show & Tell Tuesday HERE

Today is about my bag

What's In My Bag?

Well you may laugh
The bag I carry around for business and pleasure, most days, is actually a diaper bag- I know I know!
Too funny right?
Well Kate Spade has a sale each year (or 2, I don't remember) when she offers 75% off many styles

About 4 years ago, I scored the diaper bag- even before I was pregnant!
It was wishful thinking 
Rob says too, the changing pad that came with it was the best one ever!
Now the bag serves so many different purposes
Isn't it adorable?

In addition to my business portfolio, on any given day, you will find the following in my bag
Baby Wipes- duh!  We not only use them for Eva but we use them for cleaning things EVERYWHERE.
I am convinced that I will never stop buying baby wipes- they are a life saver (they were actually an item on my Show & Tell post as one of things I would have with me if I were deserted on an island- ha ha!)
and next my keys of course- they are always with me- nowadays they sit on the Lilly key chain that Janie bought me- the print is She She Shells- my favorite Lilly print of all time :)

My wallet which holds cash (when I have some- I really don't carry much cash- do you?), my license, credit cards, bank cards, health insurance cards, social security cards- and that is why it weighs a ton!

My checkbook because things like tumbling lessons and cheer apparel require cash or checks- already addressed the cash factor ;)
Gum - of course
The lipstick I don't go anywhere without- Bobbi Brown Beige
It is a must have

and my sunglasses- most of the time my Ray Ban Aviators

That pretty much sums it up- I carry Motrin on and off too sometimes but that one, I can definitely leave home without- you will, of course, find stray Cheerios at the bottom of the bag too- you can most always find a water bottle tossed in there too- can't wait to see what is in your bags!


Erin said...

The sunglasses! Never leave home without them. Except in the winter. Then I usually replace them with some tissues or something ;-)

Reba said...

I'm probably the only one on earth who didn't know that Kate Spade has a mega sale with some bags 75% off?!? Omg. Baby wipes are totally life savers! I'm not sure I'll ever stop buying them either!

Melanie Smith said...

These are my fave posts. LOVE them!

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