Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites (June 16, 2016)

Well well it has been another crazy week but school ends for us today- WOOHOO!
Happy Friday my Friends- We will be celebrating the start of summer!
Linking up with Andrea and Narci HERE this week

So proud of our little Monkey- working hard and graduating 2nd grade, and working hard at her stunting and tumbling skills for cheer- wahoo!

Love watching her and sharing in her happiness
She was obsessed with the tea set at Mimi and Papa's, loved "holding" Baby Maggie and celebrating her baptism anniversary and birthday with her Godparents Alice and Chuck!  She also painted with her feet at school this week- I could just eat her feet right up!

and speaking of Mimi, going to her house for dinner is always one of our faves
She and Papa put out a great spread for us- lots of great food, wine and laughs all night!

Red, White and Blue
Always but especially this time of year- Love celebrating the bday of the U.S.A
Shaw's knew I was coming when they put these flowers out- grabbed them and ran out!  Ha ha!

This week, I had the luxury of playing twice.  If you watched me, however, you would ask, "is that what you call playing?"  Ha ha!  I am awful but I love it so much.  I need to take some more lessons and spend more time with my Father in Law and Dad (the golf masters)
We did a couples scramble on Sunday night which was a BLAST

and the "Nine and Winers" were back at it on Wednesday night- love these ladies
They have welcomed me in and treat me like they have known me forever- grateful!

Always.  Seriously though, really enjoy "Jesus Calling" which was recommended to me by some fellow bloggers- it is the perfect way to start my day

Fashion Faves Shall We?
Cuffed Jeans
I am really digging this style- how about you?
The pair below you can find HERE

and to go with them or any other pants or skirts or dresses,
 how about these leopard espadrilles from J Crew Factory?


Find them HERE

and Tassels Tassels Everywhere!

The necklace HERE

and this dress HERE

That's a wrap!  Can't wait to read all you faves this week- enjoy this beautiful summer weekend- we will be doing that AT THE BEACH- can I get an Amen??  YEAH!!!!


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