Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Need to Write About Bambi Tonight...

Hi Bambi,

I know you are looking down on us and being our guardian angel. I miss you so much!

I thought I would write you a little note to tell you the things I am thinking of tonight...the little things that I will always miss about you.

I miss looking over at you on the couch...especially on Friday were always there to protect us.

I miss popping popcorn...especially when you would come running when you heard the pops and smelled the buttery goodness....of course the unspoken rule in the house was to share the popcorn with was your favorite snack

A close second was tostitos and that is why you were such a great fit with the Bretons

Well...that wasn't the only reason why :)

I miss your barks as soon as we turned on the vacuum. It is so strange to vacuum
now...I cried the first time I was so quiet and I was still waiting for your bark.

Diana is still throwing food to the floor for you...I miss you helping us to keep our floors clean...

I waited over a week to clean up your drool on our front was so dirty but I felt like it was the last thing we had of yours...

That is until Tuesday...the vet sent us the cement imprint of your paw so we will have a piece of you forever...

and Today, I looked out the window and I felt you there...I felt you running around the yard...was that you? I really think you were there :(


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