Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some of My Fairly Newest Favorite Things...

My daughter's smile

Filling up my pandora bracelet with sentimental charms

My relationship with my stepson

Horseradish...not only on my oysters anymore!

The prospect of helping Kayla with her essay and assisting in her success at college

Shabby Chic- the new cupcake and gelato cafe in girlie...and so yummy :)

Watching the special bond I have with Ally grow even deeper with her love and attachment to Diana

Our New Athletic Director...Bill...I believe we got the best guy out there for the job and I am very excited to watch our athletic program at WHS grow

The Workout Club in Salem..when I workout there...I feel like I am already in shape...ahh that does wonders for my psyche ;)

Windham Boosters....oh what a fun group

Pinor Noir...very smooth

Facebook- although that has become more of an obsession

The cross of San Damiano

My daughters' daycare...Little Sprouts...the staff just calms every worry I have and Diana just LOVES them!

My newest "mommy" friends from Windham and the anticipation of the "mommy group" they are recruiting me to

The renovated Common Man

Sales at The Children's Place


Jenny Wren said...

I just wanted to tell you again how much your blog makes me smile. Every little word of it. Love you, gorgeous!

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