Friday, January 16, 2009

Basketball Season

So Zack is still playing Rec Basketball in town and Rob is still coaching him. This year, however, he also made the school team and we are so proud of him. He has really developed into a solid athlete.

Diana and I got to catch one of his school games this week.

These pictures, however, are from his rec game last weekend...right before his much needed haircut!!! It was turning into a helmut...yes we have hair issues in this house ;)

Zack also had his first girlfriend this year...actually very recently...It lasted about a week and a half and from what I have been told...that is a LONG time in Middle School. Anyway...I asked about her the other day and he says "Oh her? I broke up with her!" I asked, "how did it go? what did you say?" He replied, "I went up to her and said, look this just isn't working." He then said, "it was so weird though...she never came to my games but after I broke up with her, she was there." I said to him, "well now that she can't have you, she will probably chase you...that is just what women do!" His reply? "That is just creepy."



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