Friday, January 16, 2009

The San Damiano Cross

The San Damiano Cross is the icon cross that St. Francis of Assisi was praying before when he received the commission from the Lord to rebuild the Church. The original cross presently hangs in the Basilica of Saint Clare (Basilica di Santa Chiara) in Assisi. Franciscans cherish this cross as the symbol of their mission from God. The cross is called an icon cross because it contains images of people who have a part in the meaning of the cross. The tradition of such crosses began in the eastern Church and was transported by Serbian monks to the Umbria district of Italy.

We were given this cross, as a family, as a gift at the 9:30 mass at St. Matthews last weekend. This is a new program that our wonderful new Pastor, Fr Steve, started. It has a deep meaning to us and to Fr Steve. As in the tradition of the San Damiano Cross in Italy, Fr Steve was brought to St Matthews to rebuild our faith and renew the energy of the parish. This is just one of the exciting adventures he has created.

Baby Diana also got a bottle of Holy was a very special mass for us and we have the cross hung proudly in our home.


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