Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Diana,

You are 22 weeks! The last time I wrote you a personal post, you were only 2 weeks old! So much has happened since!

You were christened at Saint Matthew's in Windham in October and we had a wonderful celebration after at the Black Water Grill. It has become a favorite place of ours as Daddy plays their often and the owner is just wonderful to us.

You also enjoyed your first Halloween (as a baby fairy) and your first Thanksgiving (Windham Turkey Trot in the morning and then a big family dinner at Mimi and Papa's).

In December, we experienced a major set back. Just as you were sleeping through the night, we experienced the worst ice storm in our state's history. We awoke to no power and trees falling in our yard at 2am on a Friday morning. Daddy, me, you and Kayla piled into the car and headed to the Red Roof Inn in Salem. We thought we would be back home with power within a day but no such luck. We were out of power and displaced for 8 days! As a result, you were traumatized and had much trouble sleeping.

We ended up sleeping two nights at the motel, one night at Mimi and Papa's and then Papa and Grammy got their power back and we, along with your sisters and brother moved in for the next week. We made the most of it and really enjoyed spending quality time together. Grammy and Mummy actually shared the kitchen and had fun making dinners together :) You started to calm down there but sleeping was still an issue, even after we moved home.

A week later, you got very sick. RSV was going around the daycare and we were pretty sure you had it. It was a very bad cough and cold and you had trouble breathing. The worst night you experienced, since you have been home was Christmas Eve unfortunately. You awoke every hour and we had to go and pick you up to help you breathe. It was very scary. Earlier that night, we did enjoy you at church and then Auntie Peggy's for the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes.

On Christmas Day, you had your first fever so it broke our hearts. We all still enjoyed you and celebrated that it was your first Christmas.

After the holidays, you started teething and although you have been in pain, you are a tough little bugger. Just like when you are sick, you fight your way through it.

Last week, I knew you weren't yourself and you were so fussy so I brought you to the doctor and sure enough you have your first ear infection...make that a double ear infection and you are now on amoxacilin. It breaks my heart when you are sick but again, you fight your way through it. You just started sleeping through the night again (know on wood and Thank God!)...we hope this lasts!

You have really started to develop a personality. When you are trying to be funny you start smiling and sometimes laughing and you pull your bib up over your face- it is the cutest thing! You sit up with help and love sitting in your bumbo so you can see everything going on.

Last week, you started playing in your exersaucer and you are really strong! You let us know when your legs get tired but you are so good at standing and reaching and holding toys!

You have also found your voice and are very vocal- we really didn't expect anything else- look who your parents are!!! :)

Although you have picked up viruses and colds at daycare, you love it so much and we love it. We are so grateful for your wonderful teachers and curriculum at Little Sprouts. We know that you are learning things quickly because of them and we are grateful that we have been forced into this option because of your exposure to other kids. You will be ahead of your time on the social scene too!

We love you so much- I still can't believe I am your mom. I look at you in awe. I thank God all the time and wonder what other surprises you have planned for us.

You have added a dimension of magic to our home and have brought our family even closer together. Your sisters and brother love you so much and even Bambi is getting used to having you around. You just started noticing Bambi and you think she is hysterical!

You enjoy Thursdays at Mimi and Papa's and they love having you. Papa gets so excited to see you that he is always waiting at the front door for us- he can't help himself!

You have also enjoyed some special nights with Papa and Grammy in Windham- usually when mummy and daddy have some fun plans. Although we like getting out, we miss you! You love snuggling with Papa watching tv and he loves that special time with you. One night, at Christmas time, I came to pick you up and you and Papa were dancing to Andy Williams- I will never forget that.

A few weeks ago, we started giving you cereal- rice and then organic oatmeal- sorry to say you are not a big fan but we are fighting through that as well. Stay tuned- a video of you eating will soon be posted.

I love you my baby bird.


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