Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Reunion of Sorts at the CMan

So I had such a wonderful night tonight! I got together with two friends from town- Shandra and Julie.

I met Shandra through PTA. She has been living abroad, in Singapore, with her hubby and kids for close to two years. We really got to know each other over blogging and email and I am so glad we did. Connecting tonight just showed me how much we have in common! She will be back in July and I can't wait!

I got to know Julie through the Crichtons. She is also another "Ex-PTA Lady"...we had some great laughs and I am so excited to get involved with Julie's Moms' Clubs and to hang out with her more as well.

Tonight was a night when all of my fears were put to rest...my thoughts confirmed and I could be myself with friends from town.

We had a blast- thank you ladies :)


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