Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Changes I am Making

I am in my second week of the Windham Biggest Losers Competition with Personal Trainer, Marianne Bemister. All I can say right now is that my life has changed drastically already. That may seem like a dramatic statement, but it is truly something I feel inside.

I have always believed that I have grown the most, as a person, when I have stepped out of my comfort zone. It could not be more true, at this point. I have known that I wanted to lose weight and become healthier. I have had personal fitness and diet goals, but even with all of the knowledge I have and the information passed on to me from my fitness guru mother, I guess I didn't know where to begin and needed a push.

Thanks to Marianne and a few other friends from town, who pushed me, I am in the routine of exercise and diet and I feel great. Don't get me wrong, it is flippin' hard! It is a daily battle! I cannot tell you, however, how much more clean I feel and how better I am sleeping already.

Some of the little changes I have made over the last two weeks, include:

Using almond milk in my coffee (instead of cream) and on some days, even drinking my coffee black (never thought I could do it but I am and I am surviving!)

Drinking wine only once/week. Since our pay cuts in March of 2009, I have needed a glass of wine every night just to cope. Guess what? I am coping without it!

Exercising- consistently! I love to exercise and as many of you know, when I am in better shape, I love to run. I feel with exercising 5-6 times/week, I am getting stronger and more fit and I will be ready to run another 5K in no time!

Ensuring that my meals are balanced in calories and nutrition so that I am not eating most of my calories at dinner time and I am consistently burning throughout the day

Stepped up my water intake too. I am usually pretty good about this one anyway- but I am tracking my water to make sure I hit a minimum of 8 glasses/day, if not more

I went to Whole Foods in Andover and stocked up on some organic foods that some friends have recommended to me: almonds, greek yogurt, almond milk, almond butter, gluten free bagels and frozen berries.

I also have planned my meals on Sunday. I cooked chicken breast for the week and that has been really easy for me to grab for lunch with a salad and Rob has even indulged for some dinners.

I am eating more and more salad and fruit too!

I rewarded myself with a new pair of running shoes- I have my New Balance ones for circuit training, but I got a pair of Asics for running outside so that I will make sure I get back to race shape! (and they are pink of course! see the picture above) :)

Progress? I dropped 4 pounds the first week. I am hoping to drop at least that, if not more the second week. By my scale, looks like I am on track!

Stay tuned!


Crystal said...

I loved the postive outlook for this post!! Can't wait to read more =)
Happy Weekend!

TexaGermaNadian said...

I agree with Crystal above! Good for you going out and getting it done. And you will be super styling in those shoes :) Stopped over from FTLOB and glad I did. Have a good one!

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