Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Quality swim time with Diana and Ally- love watching sisters having fun

Bambi Breton- as Rob described to us, her passing was so peaceful and she was so happy- it was also confirmed that we were making the right decision when the Vet told Rob she had dropped 10 pounds- so much for a bull dog- still so sad- so much more quiet around here- Bambi was a good friend and never talked back (well almost never)- so grateful for her companionship for 7 years

Alone time with my hubby

Mass on Sunday with the whole family and getting our first opportunity to bring up the gifts during the offering (as a family) :)

Griffin Park- forever grateful- and so happy to be able to visit the park weekly again now that the snow has melted!

Circuit Training and the Biggest Loser- in full swing- have completely left my comfort zone- in one week, I feel like my life has already changed so much- oh yeah and the elliptical that I would never touch at the gym (for fear that I would fall off)? I jumped on and haven't looked back- have been on it a few times at circuit and then a few more times at my gym- and I actually LOVE it! :)


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