Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Night at Surf

Surf of Nashua is my favorite restaurant. My parents gave Rob and I a gift certificate to enjoy a night out there AND it included free babysitting :) So we finally got out last night.

As we were talking, we realized, we have not been out alone together since last Spring- way too long but it has been tough!

We thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting. We are true soul mates. We always talk about that too. We were both hurt deeply in our past relationships- hurt beyond words and hurt that is life changing. We both know that we had to go through that pain in order to fully appreciate the happiness and love that we found in each other. Despite all the stress and heaviness of a blended family, we always fight through and make things work. Our motto? Do the right thing...always do what you know is right...everything will fall into place. And when you need help? Go see God- he'll take care of you.

So enough of my preaching- ha ha! I am ridiculous sometimes. Back to Surf. We sat at the bar for awhile because there was a wait...we don't mind that though and we were hoping there was a wait. We met the two nicest friends who both had lost their husbands and they go to Surf every Saturday night together for cocktails and appetizers- here is to you Margaret and Margaret or as you prefer "Peggy and Maggie."

While chatting with the Margarets, we enjoyed some stellar cocktails- just when I thought my Cantaloupe Martini from Friday night could not be topped, I had the best Key Lime Martini complete with a graham cracker rimmed class- out of this world! Rob had a Surftini which is a house specialty and made with Absoulut Citron and Cointreau.

For dinner, we ordered our faves to start... in fact we always say after the first course, why do we even order dinner? We bring most of it home because we are SO STUFFED!

We ordered and shared the Lobster Cocktail and then each had the Surf Special Salad- Fried Tomato and Warm Bacon Salad- need I say more? Billy Costa better hurry up and get in there so they can get their Platinum Plate!

For dinner, Rob had an encrusted Flounder and I had a Thai Shrimp dish but like I said, we brought most of that home.

We got home to Baby Diana wide awake...she was a good girl for Mimi and Papa but had trouble settling down without us there!

I love you Rob...look at our picture together- we look SO HAPPY to be out and together...I appreciate all of the work you are doing for us at Oracle and with your gigs...I know how tired you are and unappreciated you feel but just so you know...I am so thankful...the kids are too, even though they have trouble showing it. We would all be lost without are the best husband and the most involved father I have met. Thanks for choosing me and helping me and Baby Diana thanks you too!!!


Jacinda said...

LOL. Rob is making a face that looks like Ally in so many of your blog photos. too funny. She really looks like him, with less facial hair of course.

Rob said...

What can I say? I was out on the town with my best girl! Thank you for choosing to be with me, taking on all of what comes along with that, and being the absolute best mom and stepmom!

I love you more than words and look forward to our next date.....

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