Friday, February 20, 2009

Game Night!

So we played "Screw Your Neighbor" and I haven't really laughed like that in a LONG TIME- had a flippin blast with our parents...may sound dull to alot of you..may sound like I am getting old but you need to get creative with your fun nights when you have an infant to put to sleep by 7:30 each night!!!

I made a kick butt batch of Sangria and we wiped that out quickly..had to finish the night with regular wine..what a shame ;)

I also made cheesey chicken artichoke cups...delish..along with marinated steak tips, wild green salad and some other apps.

For dessert, I made Amy's World Famous Cheese Squares and they were wiped out by Saturday morning..once the kids know they are in the house, it is all over!

During our next game night, we will playing Apples to Apples..stay tuned


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