Friday, February 20, 2009

My Pandora Bracelet

It is filling up quickly! My theme for my bracelet is "True Sentiment" as I call it- it holds charms that mean something...

My first charm, which is a little girl, signifies Diana.

A heart with a lock and key signifies Rob. The new dangling rose charm he got me also signifies him and his love.

The A charm symbolizes Ally. The K charm signifies Kayla and the Football charm signifies Zack.

I also have a pretty pink stone charm and a pretty green stone charm to signify my love of prep and preppy colors ala Lilly Pulitzer.

Lastly, we purchased two Pandora clips that hold the charms in different sections. The ones we picked have little pink stones embedded in the silver to help bring out the pink in my pink stone charm.

My next purchase will be some of the Murano Glass Beads in pink and green to make those colors pop even more.

This has become a special hobby and I hope to make a bracelet for Diana one day as well :)


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