Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Plum Island

So...we are trying to spend as much time outside as possible. So many of us New Englanders just don't get enough good weather. After the most gruesome Winter...we have had a pretty rainy Spring and Summer so every sunny day we get, we are just pouncing!

On Saturday we took a drive up to Plum Island- on the coast of Newburyport and it was just wonderful. We actually set up camp at the mouth of the river and had a nice small section of beach to ourselves. Although Diana is still afraid of the water, she became one with the sand! Oh yes...she started crawling in it and what we dreaded...starting eating it too! OH well...I need her to learn how wonderful the beach is because I am a beach bum and I am hoping my little pal will accompany me some day on my weekend jaunts to the shore where I read and think and BAKE :)

Rob and Zack entertained by having a rough game of Extreme Frisbee- the first one of the season believe it or not! When Zack over threw though, the frisbee would end up in the grass on the dunes and he would go up to retrieve it. After each trip, I would do a tic check...those things scare me after one of my friend's daughters just battled lime disease from one!

Later Zack took an hour to do it BUT he caught a crab! We never knew how fast they were...he battled but he got one...you will see the pix!

What a great day :)


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