Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wingaersheek Beach and Rockport

So today we decided to explore some of the jewels on the North Shore of Massachusetts. We hit the beach that I grew up on- Wingaersheek. I forgot how beautiful the ride to that beach is. You drive by several salt marshes and dunes and quaint homes. One of the homes, my mother, brother and I had nicknamed "the Gingerbread House" when I was little. We could not wait to drive by it and look at it during every trip to the beach. Well it was still there and today I snapped a picture of course.

Seeing that home brought back so many wonderful beach memories. I took after my mother with my love of the beach...even though it was only in the 70's today..I jumped right in the ocean..there is nothing like getting soaked with salt water and then letting the sun dry my mom would say..."it such a sensual feeling." :)

Diana did very well today...she as so excited to be at the beach and since Wingaersheek has the best...most clean and wet sand....she was able to play with her toys very comfortably...even Rob had to was a great beach!

After the beach, we trekked further up 128 to hit another favorite family spot- Rockport. We grabbed lunch at SUCH a tourist trap...we shared a laugh over the crazy prices for lunch but still found it worth it as we were starving!

After lunch, we walked out to the edge of the rocks and then decided to jet as we felt our first rain drop.

We had a mile walk back to the car and it wasn't too bad...we only felt a few drops.
We are exhausted but it is a good exhausted...very special family day...I love you Rob...thank you for being the wonderful man you put up with alot...from all directions and I give you more credit than you will ever know. I know sometimes it doesn't seem like I do...especially when I am complaining about your driving or stories...etc etc...but yes, you are right "I would miss them!" ha eternal


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