Sunday, August 30, 2009

St. Anthony's Feast

So in the North End of Boston, there are endless festivals every summer....festivals for every Saint.

This weekend, was the Feast of Saint Anthony- the Patron Saint for us Italians.

If you love Italian food and fare, you don't want to miss this one. There are festivities all weekend long...they start on Friday afternoon and run through midnight Sunday night.

There is the endless parade of the famous Saint Anthony statue...people stick dollar bills to him and say their prayers....we even did and some of the marshalls handed us prayer cards and a pin for Diana! Some of the marshalls who were marching also shouted out that Diana was beautiful...boy did we enjoy that!

There was also any kind of Italian food you would I have grown up with that doesn't seem out of the ordinary but to so many people who i saw is priceless..aka they were paying over $10 bucks for meatballs....gnoccis and such.

Most of the festivities occurred at the intersection of Endicott, North Margin and Thacher Streets. Folks were drinking in the streets and having a ball!

It ended up being a perfect day weather wise and we are glad that we ceased the moment! Enjoy the pix. As you will see, we picked up Mimi and Papa to share in this special time with us....just like when I was little and they picked up Nani and Papa to share the special time with me...


Sharon said...

The pictures of Diana make me want to cry. She is starting to look grown up. This needs to stop! I forbid her and Maya to grow up (tears rolling down cheek). I haven't had a chance to do everything that I wanted to do with her, know what I mean? Anyway, you do have a beauty on your hands!!! Love you all always!

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