Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gold to Green!

So I had a "Green to Gold" party and it was a smashing success! 10 of my friends joined me and we had a great girls night.

During a "Green to Gold" party, a Gold Buyer comes and you bring her/him any gold you do not want- it can be pieces you don't wear anymore or even broken jewelry/tie clips/pins, etc!

I think my friends were impressed with what they got! As a party hostess, I got to enjoy 10% of the sales- that surprised me! I didn't even know there was something in it for me besides time to unwind with my friends! I had gone to a "Green to Gold" party at my friend Lisa's house and got $75 for turning in to old rings I never wear (thanks to ex-boyfriends) :)

So with the help of my trusty assistant chef Ally, I whipped up a smashing bash of Sangria, my signature cocktail meatballs and some other snacks, complemented by chocolate covered strawberries by Ally :)

Had a blast ladies...thanks for your friendship Mum, Donna, Kim, Ann Marie H, Beth, Anne Marie C, Laurie, Heather, and Nicole :)


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