Friday, July 24, 2009

AHS Cheerleaders and Other High School Friends Reunite!

So...Thanks to Facebook and my Co-Captain Tracy's initiative, I was able to re-connect with some of my best friends and cheerleader friends from Andover High School!!!

We met at the Claddaugh in Lawrence last night and had a BLAST. We also discovered that most of us still live in the area so we are going to start getting together more regularly!

My best friend Dawn came up from New Jersey and we always run out of time...hopefully she will be coming up for a visit in August again! We havne't seen each other in 6 years and it feels like yesterday :)

I also got to reconnect with my friend Amy who continued to be a close friend during close I fixed her up with her now hubby! (God! I am good at matchmaking even though my husband wants me to stay FAR AWAY from that hobby...ha ha!!!)

Enjoy the pix- you will even catch a mount and a pose....ah the good 'ole dayzzzz!!! I also attached a picture of some of us from the Thanksgiving Game in 1990 :)

My friend and fellow Cheerleader, Heather, posted this lovely note on Facebook

It takes a certain kind of person...
by Heather Hoskison (notes) Yesterday at 11:57pm

I had a great time tonight with a bunch of girls from my old cheerleading squad. It was a mix of several different years, some people I haven't seen in 18 years. It was nice to have finally been given the chance to catch up and I realized something. It takes a certain kind of person to be a cheerleader....

I think what people love to hate or hate to love about cheerleaders is one in the same. We're loud, giggly and silly and we literally bounce because we're enthusiastic. We love our friends, and our friends friends. Now that we have our own families, we love them and are enthusiastic about that too! We love our jobs and love to help people. Cheerleaders are the leaders of our community. At work, in our schools and at home. We're always looking for the bright side of things, when our "sisters" are down, we encourage, when we are down, our sisters offer support. We're the ones people want to work with and employers want to employ. We're not afraid to be ourselves. People look up to us, we're the salesmen of life.

One great thing about cheerleaders, they come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Cheerleaders also come in a "man" style. They are our husbands and friends, they support and encourage and listen really well. They are emotional and fun, too!

It takes a certain kind of person to be a cheerleader... and I am glad I am one.
Love you guys!


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