Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old Orchard Beach- Vacation 2009 DAY TWO

On Sunday, I started the day by a jog on the beach and then a walk through town...I love starting days like that...wish it could be like that every day! Then I made yogurt parfaits for breakfast and headed to the beach with my lovely stepdaughters. We laid out for two hours and I got SCORCHED....SO WORTH it!

Later on Rob and his dad went to Best Buy for me...we needed a battery for our good camera AND surprise surprise my laptop died. I wouldn't have rushed but I need the laptop in order to work from home and as you know, it is a necessity for our family. Anyway, we found out, my motherboard died and it would cost just much to have it fixed as buying a new one SO we had to buy a new computer....lovely.

Still trying to focus on the positive...we are healthy...we are on vacation and we are all together!

While Rob was gone, Monk took a nap and I dove into my new book of short stories which includes work from some of my favorite authors- it is called American Girls About Town. My favorite place to sit and read is the private deck we have that faces a small flower garden....the sand dunes in the background...just beautiful.

When the guys came back, we chilled on the deck together and I heated up my homemade buffalo chicken dip- we enjoyed that with some Coronas.

Then Daddy and Kayla enjoyed a burger together- this was a big deal for Kayla...this was her first burger since her surgery and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Rob made a deal that he wouldn't eat a burger until Kayla did and so they endulged together!

We wrapped up the night with a mad game of dominoes :)


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