Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Orchard Beach- Vacation 2009 DAY SIX

Today was an AWESOME beach day!

Started the day with a jog on the beach with Ally...then we did a power walk back through town.

Once we got back and had breakfast, we all hit the beach. Monk was NOT a fan today as her tent blew over at one point...she got a little scared.

Then she did not care for the sand because it was DIRTY and the waves...well yah they still scare her. We captured as many pix as possible but it was challenging!

Early in the evening, Papa did our family portraits for us...I will not be posting those here or on Facebook as they will be a surprise...they came out beautiful and we will be using some for our Christmas cards!

Tonight was the official celebration of Grammy and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary...we took everyone out for an awesome dinner at Joseph's!

Once we got back, some of us played the card game Screw Your Neighbor and now I am so wiped and ready to crash!

I had to update the blog though first...priorities!


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