Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old Orchard Beach- Vacation 2009 DAY THREE

So yesterday was Day 3! After Ally and I had a hard run on the beach, we enjoyed breakfast and then all gathered up to hit the beach. Diana enjoyed her first dip in the ocean! She liked it a first until the first big wave came along...and then she was a little scared...too flippin cute!

Papa, Rob, Ally and Zack played a mean game of whiffle ball and Kayla and I played more the role of the beach bum.

After the beach, we all piled into the cars and hit Best Buy to pick up my new laptop...yeah we made it an adventure with a stop at the flee market on the way home. There was nothing but it was good for some laughs.

We grilled chicken, ribs and sausage for dinner and then hit the strip and rides. Ally and Zack went on the scariest ride I have ever seen and I am proud to say we caught them in action with the camera.

Diana was tired before we hit the rides but after all of the commotion, she was hootin' and hollerin' like everyone else and when we got back, she did not want to sleep! Ally and I hit the pool while Rob tried to settle her down.

When I came in, she was still awake, so I rocked her to sleep and Rob, Ally and Zack hit the hot tub...the fun never ends :)


Jacinda said...

Keep up the awesome beach vaca posts! and don't forget to include the daily menu. I'm living vicariously. Love you!

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