Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!  I am excited for today and a great weekend!  I am off and having some fun and then we are headed up to the camp ground tonight so it will be a nice change of scenery!  Linking up HERE 
and sharing some faves from our week!

Fave Memes and Words of Inspiration

and my bestie BA sent me this one this week and it is so true for us...warmed my heart XO

The Year of the Hydrangea

No matter who you talk to, the hydrangeas are blooming like mad...they are the hardest flower to grow and it may have taken a year of COVID-19 to make them flourish but look around...I am sure you are bound to see these mom brought me these from her yard...

and our white hydrangea bush that usually blooms in August is already chalk full of blossoms- love!

My Lea

Long overdue "decompression night"...she is my person, friends, plain and simple...the one who never judges...who loves me unconditionally...who will listen to my BS...give me advice and in return, bares her soul...hope everyone has a person like is a true gift...I never take it for granted...we laughed and cried on Tuesday night while enjoying our FitVine Rose and apps AND while keeping the school board meeting on in the background because #COVID....

Someone had to sneak a hug in because she loves her some Auntie Lea

(Shameless Instagram Creation) Ha!

Trader Joe's Finds

Thank you so much for recommending TJ's new Cauliflower, Jalapeno dip.  I loved it.  I served it warm with their Quinoa Black Bean Tortilla Chips...such a healthy and delicious snack.  You can serve the dip warm or cold...very versatile and pure delish!

I also snagged some of our favorite almonds while grabbing this bad better time to stock up for the rest of the summer!

Boys of Summer

We got to see Brooks play baseball this week one night.  For two hours, it felt like life was back to we were in a bubble....the girls had a blast being at Griffin Park again and meeting up with friends who happened to be there..."Minky" helped supervise...not my favorite dog and she knows it ;)

American Academy of Ballet- Summer Intensive

Well it wasn't New York and it wasn't in person but Diana got exceptional instruction virtually this week- she was so nervous on Monday and now today being her last day she feels like she accomplished a lot- we hope she gets an award/scholarship to attend next year and that she is able to go in person- we shall see!

and this is the look I get when I get caught spying ;)

and this just says it all doesn't it?

Ha!  Have a great weekend!


Mother of 3 said...

It's so funny you say that about hydrangeas because I have one blue hydrangea bush we planted when we moved in 16 years ago and it has never bloomed again-- until this summer!

Michelle said...

I love your hydrangeas! I'm new to them this year and I feel like I'm the overprotective, fussy plant mother. I just want blooms!

Memphis Bridges said...

Those first 2 memes are perfect for me today :). Have a good weekend.

My Glittery Heart said...

Have you watched The RAnch on Netflix?? Ben and I love it!!
your hydrangeas are BEAUTIFUL!
How is the FitVINE Rose? Super sweet???

Morgan Cartwright said...

Have so much fun on your weekend trip!

Sunshine and Books said...

You picked some great quotes to start the post! Diana looks like she’s loving that intensive, even though it’s not what she hoped for. Have a great weekend!!

SimpleStepsForLivingLife said...

I had to pin a bunch of those funny quotes and the inspiring ones too. :) Great stuff!

Andrea Nine said...

Loved all your memes so much. Your dancer is precious! You know I love hydrangeas. Hope you had a great weekend!

Natasha said...

I really love that "wrong answer" meme!!! Hahaha!!! And yes, I get so excited about baseball :)

Terra Heck said...

Those flowers are very pretty. That Netflix meme describes me so much!

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