Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Recap (June 26, 2017)

This was one of our most relaxing weekends in a long time.  Rob and I agreed that it was wonderful.  We enjoyed our home...the beautiful weather and our little town.  Here is what we were up to.....

Friday Night

Beth Ann and Ella came over.  We have been talking about getting together and we have not been able to spend alone time in a LONG time.  Friday night was the perfect time because Rob had a gig.  The girls had fun playing and Eva got in on the action. While they were busy, Beth Ann and I enjoyed conversation, dinner and good wine. I made us a chicken caprese salad and then I made truffle fries because I know they are her favorite- I was worried but I think they came out okay- almost like the ones at the restaurants we get!

BA and Ella brought cupcakes from one of our favorite local bakeries called "Love and Flour"


Now this was the most relaxing day I have had in a LONG TIME!  Our friends picked up Diana for their daughter Lucy's sleepover birthday party at the beach.  I made her birthday cake which was her special request- it was the chocolate mascarpone bundt cake that she tried at my house before and loved.  I will share the recipe soon!  Diana headed up to the beach and enjoyed girl time.  Glad Mama Kathy is a friend and kept me posted on all accounts including sharing a pic :)

While she was having a ball, we were home "chillaxing."  Well Daddy finished all of the mulch work in the yard and Eva and Mama enjoyed quiet time.  

When Eva was napping, Mama caught up on some reading and continued watching a new fave (Netflix binge) called "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"

I later made us an amazing dinner.  We have been dying to try a coffee rub on our steak so I snagged one on Amazon.  

I made us steak tips with the coffee rub, a strawberry caprese salad (I am sure you sense a theme and it is to use all the basil all the time in the summer), corn on the cob and truffle potatoes.

During dinner, someone got inspired to use her "potty power." We were very proud- she is not consistent but she is starting to make more of an effort!

After that, we headed over to our "old friend" Griffin Park.  I used to spend so much time there when we lived across town.  That is where I would do all of my walks and jogs.  Since moving across town, I walk and jog in our neighborhood now and always head up to the golf course.  It is just easier.  Going to Griffin gave me a pain in my heart.  

When Diana was a baby, we came here all the time too.  She loved the swings and even just running around.  I also can't count the times that we took walks with the stroller here too.  Before Diana was even born, Cass and I would walk together here too and then when Alexis came along we would push her around.  So many wonderful memories.

Now it is time for Eva to enjoy the playground there.  I am so glad we stopped- she had a ball running around and climbing.  She is not a fan of the swings (just like Mama) but everything else works!

After she was done running around, we walked next door to Johnson's Farm and got the obligatory ice cream.  Eva chose chocolate and by the end of her treat, she was covered- she kills me!


 We headed to mass and then headed up to the beach.  We got to spend some quality beach time (our first of the season) with our friends Kathy and Jerry.  Diana was thrilled that she had more time to play with some pals and Eva was even more thrilled to get to play at the beach with the big girls.

We had such a great time at my "happy place!" It was hot, sunny and the ocean was fierce- so glad I jumped in!  


Sunday Night

We partook in our first couples golf tournaments of the season.  We got to golf with our friends Tracey and Heath and had so many laughs.  The weather continued to be perfect and it was the best I think I have played in awhile.  It is our favorite tournament of the summer because it is the "Lobstah Trap" one and we get a full blown lobster dinner at the end FTW!   The girls had a fun little "pseudo sleepover" with Papa and Grammy.

That's a wrap!  What a fun and relaxing summer weekend-can't wait to hear what you all did!


Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

Love those ice cream smiles. Kevin and I love taking our kids back to our old haunts too. We used to live in Delaware so we are always down there taking the kids to our favorite restaurants and activities. We were married there so we take them to the place we got married a few times a year.

I'm impressed with your truffle fries. My homemade fries are gross no matter what I do.

A Gal Named Al said...

That looked like such a fun weekend! I'd learn to play golf if it meant a lobster dinner! :)

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